Award Winning & Accredited Permaculture Teacher, Elisabeth Fekonia

After a decade of learning the skills of self-reliance in growing and producing our own food, I felt that it was imperative to pass my skills on to others so that they too might do the same.

It has been an exciting journey of discovering the lost art of home cheese making, sourdough bread and making wine made from surplus fruit. I learnt that fermenting food such as in sourdough and cheese making has many health advantages and it’s also about reviving forgotten skills from the past.

I don’t have a country bone in my body as I was born and raised in Amsterdam, migrated with my family to Australia in 1964 and settled in the suburbs in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

At twenty-one I left the suburbs for the country life and haven’t looked back since. After moving to Samford, a village just northwest of Brisbane, I had found my niche. I learned how to spin and knit wool, I made my own shoes and clothes and learned how to make bread and soap and started some vegetable and herb gardens and generally enjoyed myself.

Eventually after moving from Samford, I discovered the Sunshine Coast and have lived in Conondale, Kin Kin and now at Black Mountain west of Cooroy.

Global crisis or not, self-sufficiency is my drive, I wouldn’t live anywhere else but in the country. I love the life of growing and producing our own food. The workshops, seminars and organic gardening courses are a result of all the things I have learnt over the years, and they help teach people to grow and produce their own food.

It might seem daunting at first, but it’s up to you to decide what you can do in regards of producing your own food, because if I can do it, anyone can. I’m extremely happy to share my knowledge and experiences to help you on the road to your own food security. I’m sure you’ll never look back when you do.


My Mission

  • To teach people how to help themselves establish and grow their own home food production

  • To teach people how to make cheese, sourdough bread and other fermented foods


My Qualifications

  • Permaculture Design Certificate
  • Cert IV (TAA) in Workplace Accredited Permaculture Training
  • Cert lll in Hospitality (Operations)
  • Cert II in Horticulture

My Workshops

  • 4 set workshops at locations around QLD

  • 14 customised workshops